Project Description
Saint John House is a 7 bedroom super villa of 500sq.m., situated in one of the most prime areas on the island of Mykonos. Just a few meters away from the water, the villa overlooks the bay of Saint John, facing the West towards Delos island. The location combines the value of an upscale neighbourhood with the close proximity to Mykonos Town as well as the easy access to the main roads that lead to the great beaches of the South. Featuring an 18m infinity pool, an extra 5m infinity pool in one of the master bedrooms, a gym space, a wine cellar booth & a split level external layout this villa combines multiple extraordinary facilities with the uniqueness of the property. This amazing, high-end suburban villa features the company’s high standards in terms of design & technology: -combination of frameless windows & minimal oak window frames -high quality ceramics -home automation installation -high quality bathroom ware -advanced & highly efficient air-conditioning system -sustainable design & engineering
Area:500 sq.m.
Services:Interior design