Project description
• Our goal on this project was to create the architectural layout but also to maintain the company’s identity (FAIRY NAILS). • The 48m2 shop includes the reception and the sitting area for the ladies. Four steps down there are two pedicure seats in a more private corner, surrounded by vertical wooden sticks creating the essence of extra coziness. Walking ahead five manicure seats are waiting, hosted by a 4,40m tailor designed wooden counter. In front, a blow dry corner is taking place and for the closing, at the back, an isolated relaxing room is created for desiring an amazing massage and not to forget the rest room and the stuff area. • Two identity elements are used in this creation, the first is helping us to maintain the company’s identity, the big babbles gum color. A very bright and tensed fuchsia, which is used on the walls, on the ceiling but also on many other surfaces. The second one is a mosaic tile which covers the whole floor, but also at the same time is climbing on the wall and hugs the counter at the back of the nail artists and suddenly “jumps” on the custom designed linear hanging light. • Many geometrical shapes giving an extra pinch in the space. “Stealing” the shape of the triangle and extruding it, we created an edgy fuchsia wall to accompany the client in every step. Furthermore we curved the rectangle for separating the reception area from the rest place. • Our perspective is giving luxury by taking advantage of the details. A vivid example is the reception furniture. Love at first sight. A combination of rough white plaster with smooth elegant rose gold copper.
Area:55 sq.m.
Services:Interior design